[Samba] information about XP <-> samba ?

Dr. Bernd Zimmermann berni at ping-net.de
Thu Oct 17 11:14:01 GMT 2002


my experience so far: dont do it - dont use XP - use Win2K

WinNT Win2K all is woorking fine, but XP ist might work and it might not.
We habe a single XP computer in out environment and ist makes a lot of trouble.

At first after applying all registry pathces to XP it worked,
but suddenly after a non reproducable accident XP is ignoring
the Samba Server.
My personal experience with XP was the same.
After installation it worked, but after an hour "playing"
with XP and also an nonreproducable accident XP was ignoring

We still cant figure out what the problem is.

So if u use XP and Samba and if it works over a long time
(i.e. 4 weeks ore more) please write a FAQ ;-)

MY recommendation: dont use XP - Use Win2K


pilsl at goldfisch.at wrote:

> I'm thinking about upgrading our NT4-clients to XP in the near future
> and I want to know how well XP is supported by SAMBA in the recent
> samba-versions.
>  I found many single statements in usenet, but I wonder if there is a
> kind of XP-FAQ out there. (The one at samba-page is very outdated)
> Especially I need to know how well XP integrates in a existing
> NT4-domain (samba as PDC).
>  Then I need to know if there are any problems with fileservers (I
> remember rumours about reghacks one has to apply on XP to make things
> work)
>  And finally - if a machine is not part of the domain (guest-laptop):
> if a local XP-user with user/pass similar than on samba-server is
> sufficient for auth on the sambaserver ?
> thnx,
> peter

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