[Samba] information about XP <-> samba ?

pilsl at goldfisch.at pilsl at goldfisch.at
Thu Oct 17 10:56:00 GMT 2002

I'm thinking about upgrading our NT4-clients to XP in the near future
and I want to know how well XP is supported by SAMBA in the recent
 I found many single statements in usenet, but I wonder if there is a
kind of XP-FAQ out there. (The one at samba-page is very outdated)

Especially I need to know how well XP integrates in a existing
NT4-domain (samba as PDC).

 Then I need to know if there are any problems with fileservers (I
remember rumours about reghacks one has to apply on XP to make things

 And finally - if a machine is not part of the domain (guest-laptop):
if a local XP-user with user/pass similar than on samba-server is
sufficient for auth on the sambaserver ?


mag. peter pilsl
tel: +43-699-1-3574035
fax: +43-699-4-3574035
pilsl at goldfisch.at

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