[Samba] Connecting Linux to Windows Me

David Kong davkong at pacific.net.sg
Wed Oct 16 23:36:14 GMT 2002


When I try using Samba in linux 8 to share out some files in linux to a
Windows Me. I am able to ping both computers on each. I am able to access
files Windows Me files from Linux smbclient command. But when I go to
Windows ME the my network places I am able to see the linux computer icon.
When I click on it, it shows that the computername or filename not share or
network resource not available. At times, it says it cannot find resource on
the server.

I have defined in the samba server the share name as


But somehow I cannot see this share resource in Windows. I have done the
Steps in Diagnosis.txt. It all test ok. What should I do next?

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