[Samba] Possible bug in SAMBA connection close?

Jon Monroe jmonroe at imagebuilder.com
Wed Oct 16 23:13:00 GMT 2002

Well, I think I partially found out why this is acting strangely. I've 
tried this on both samba 2.2.5 and 2.2.6rc4. The file handles work a little 
differently between kernel 2.2 and kernel 2.4.

On kernel 2.2, when you access a directory, you get a single CWD open 
handle (from LSOF 4.47):
smbd    12659 root   cwd   DIR    8,5 4096 624027 test

This CWD is the only handle opened.

This handle will stay in use until you click the 'up one folder' button. 
Just closing the window doesn't seem to help.

On Kernel 2.4 you get 3 opened handles. 2 are read handles, while the other 
is a CWD: (from LSOF 4.63):
smbd    14270 root   cwd   DIR    8,2 4096 131038 disc_test_pc/
smbd    14270 root   22r   DIR    8,2 4096 131038 disc_test_pc/
smbd    14270 root   23r   DIR    8,2 4096 131038 disc_test_pc/

When you close the window OR click the 'up one folder' button the cwd 
handle is released.
However, the 2 extra read handles are not released. And, every instance of 
access to that folder generates 2 more extra read handles. This will happen 
for EVERY folder inside a share, or the share itself. Actually, the CWD 
handle will disappear by itself if you wait a few minutes, even if the 
folder is still in use.

So, after using a share with lots of folders on kernel 2.4 you see LOTS of 
open folder handles when you run a lsof -p <smb_pid_of_a_workstation> even 
if you've closed all windows to everything on that server, or you clicked 
the heck out of the 'up one folder' button..

Oh, the above test was without mounting anything. That folder had just a 
single file in it.

Soo...is there anyone out there using samba plus rh 8.0/kernel 2.4 plus 
sharing a cdrom drive where the disc is being changed regularly? Are you 
having problems unmounting the disc? :)

Again, RH 8.0, kernel 2.4.18, x86


At 11:03 AM 10/16/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Hey all,
>I've been fighting a samba share/unmount problem for several days now and may
>have found a bug in the connect/disconnect code.
>Basically, it seems that while everything claims to free the connection to 
>share, it doesn't actually happen. This is me closing ALL windows to the 
>   jon1 ( connect to service disc1_pc_test as user breakit 
> (uid=501
>, gid=501) (pid 2908)
>[2002/10/16 10:13:27, 10] smbd/service.c:make_connection(672)
>   calling vfs_ops.connect for service disc1_pc_test (options = )
>   jon1 ( closed connection to service IPC$
>[2002/10/16 10:13:37, 3] smbd/connection.c:yield_connection(48)
>   Yielding connection to IPC$
>   jon1 ( closed connection to service disc1_pc_test
>[2002/10/16 10:13:38, 3] smbd/connection.c:yield_connection(48)
>   Yielding connection to disc1_pc_test
>Samba version 2.2.5
>Service      uid      gid      pid     machine
>IPC$         jon_monroe jon_monroe  2908   jon1     ( Wed 
>Oct 16 1
>0:10:55 2002
>No locked files
>lsof disc1_pc_test:
>smbd    2908 root   19r   DIR    7,1 2048 65536 /DVD_BURN/disc1/disc_test_pc/
>smbd    2908 root   23r   DIR    7,1 2048 65536 /DVD_BURN/disc1/disc_test_pc/
>fuser disc1_pc_test:
>/DVD_BURN/disc1/disc_test_pc/:  2908
>I've tried disabling all cache options I know of, and it hasn't made any
>difference. Here is a snip of my current smb.conf:
>         comment                 =       virtual PC volume from ISO image
>         path                    =       /DVD_BURN/disc1/disc_test_pc
>         guest ok                =       yes
>         valid users             =       root, jon_monroe, breakit
>         force user              =       breakit
>         force group             =       breakit
>         oplocks                 =       no
>         level2 oplocks          =       no
>         read only               =       yes
>         posix locking           =       no
>         locking                 =       no
>This is on a RH8.0 x86 box, running K 2.4.18, and self installed samba 2.2.5.
>Due to the specific use, I can't use the pre/post exec functions for the
>unmount, though I don't see how it would make a difference.
>So, is there something I'm missing? Something else to try? Is this behavior
>normal? :)
>Thanks for any help!
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