[Samba] ERRNO=Network is unreachable

Peter Alliett peter at mnsi.net
Wed Oct 16 21:54:00 GMT 2002

Linux on a Windows network. 
Linux running Samba. 
Simple smb.conf file. 
Shares seen in network neighborhood (of the Linux box) keep becoming unavailable.

nmbd keeps quitting (I know this because when I restart smb, smbd quits then restarts but nmbd does not quit because it already quit. The restart works and you can see the share fine again.

The log.nmb says (multiple times):

2002/10/14 16:28:47,0 libsmb/nmblib.c:send udp (754)
Packet send failed to (138) ERRNO=Network is unreachable

Another similar one says:
nmbd/nmbd packets.c:send netbios packet (171) send netbios packet: send packet () to IP port 137 failed

And finally there is one that says Could not determine network interfaces, you must use a interfaces config line.

Any ideas?
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