[Samba] does smbmount use keepalive and/or smb.conf?

Richard Duran duranr at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 16 18:44:00 GMT 2002


I don't know how common an issue this is as I haven't
found much in the list archives that was helpful to
me, so I'm hoping for some pointers.

FYI, we have samba 2.3.3a-6 running on the 2.4.18-10

There seems to be an issue with smbfs mounts at times
where connectivity may be lost (e.g. Win share becomes
unavailable) causing local processes such as lsof or
ps, among others, to hang.

We've tried passing the "-o sockopt=SO_KEEPALIVE"
parameter, but that doesn't seem to have made any
difference. How do we set the keepalive time for these
smbmounts? Does it use the value in smb.conf? Are we
missing something else?

The man page for smb.conf seems to suggest using
either the IPTOS_LOWDELAY or
IPTOS_LOWDELAY/TCP_NODELAY in a local network, and
then suggests IPTOS_THROUGHPUT for WANs (it doesn't
say if only this flag, or in addition to the
previous). We haven't tried either because the
document isn't clear. This needs to work in both a LAN
and WAN.

Are we missing something fundamental in trying to make
this stable? Is this even achievable, or is this
inherent to this type of connectivity?

Richard Duran

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