[Samba] follow up to novell file issue and a question about "fstype"

Ben Calvert ben.calvert at ams.com
Wed Oct 16 17:28:01 GMT 2002

Ok, I've done some further research into this one:

It appears that installing the Novell client on a Win machine has the
effect of replacing the  file copy command with one from Novell.  It also
seems that the NTFS filesystem has spaces for extra metadata, and the the
new Novell command is using those to store it's ACL.  I"m guessing that
this metadata is not storable via Samba, which would cause the errors i'm

So my proposed solution is for Samba to emulate a non-NTFS filesystem.
I've found the fstype directive in the man page for smb.conf, but cannot
find a list of alternate settings for it.  (the man page lists "NTFS" and
"Samba").  Is there a setting available for fat32?



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