[Samba] Windows Drivers and SAMBA

Michael E Johnson johnsme at musc.edu
Wed Oct 16 15:53:47 GMT 2002


I am a bit new to the SAMBA world and being such I hope that everyone
will forgive me for what may be stupid questions.

I am currently using 2.2.5 and also using the ESP Print Pro 4.2.2 (this
is built on the CUPS principle) I have every thing (it would seem) 

Working ok, one of the items that I was required to setup was the PRINT$
category. Under this I was told to put a directory called drivers in the
path /etc/samba/

I assume that this is where I am to place the drivers for the defined
printers that my windows clients will hit via SAMBA connection in order
to print. My question is is this in fact where the drivers go? And how
should the drivers (for the windows side) be set into this. When the
client connects to the SAMBA server via the printer it looks to see if
the driver exists in the share, if not it goes to the clients machine,
can any one help me set this up the correct way?

Any help is greatly appreciated!





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