[Samba] Problem with PDC + Printing

Amaury DAILLIEZ amaury at azurvp.net
Wed Oct 16 15:39:00 GMT 2002

Hey all,

i've got a problem setting Samba as PDC + Printing,

The shared printers work perfectly while i'm not logged into the domain...
- i can install printers under windows
- i can print to installed printers

The PDC (without printing) works perfectly...
- i can join the domain as root
- i can log into the domain as a unix/samba user
- i can access to domain shares

But when i try to install a printer while i'm logged into the domain as simple user or root i can't install printers.
Windows says me i've got insufficient rights on my computer to connect to the selected printer...

Please help ! i've spent too many time now :(( about 15 days trying different configs.

IT Administrator
Tornado Technologies Europe
French Office

Technical Manager
Erian Concept
http://www.erian-concept.com / http://www.open-scheme.com

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