[Samba] Drop down slowness on mapped drives

Rob Thomas robhthomas at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 16 12:13:00 GMT 2002

I've experienced similar problems with Win2K clients and Samba mapped 
drives. Unfortunately I haven't found a fix or seen any other posts about 
this problem except for yours. The symptoms I was experienced was when using 
Win2K Pro with SP2 installed and MS Office XP with SP1. Using any of the 
file drop down boxes in any of the Office XP apps caused that application to 
hang for about 1 minute or longer with Win2K task manager reporting that it 
was not responding. However my problem was intermittent and appeared to be 
related to having a large number of mapped Samba shares which were 
disconnected i.e. I'd booted but hadn't bothered to enter in the passwords 
to connect to them. To try and fix this I installed Win2K SP3 and Office XP 
SP2 but it didn't appear to make any difference. Since then I have not been 
a regular user of Office to notice any problems although right now I have a 
couple of connected Samba mapped drives and Office is working ok.
The Samba servers are a mix of Redhat 7.2 with kernel 2.4.9-34SGI_XFS_1.1 
running Samba 2.2.5 (rpm compiled with ACL support) and Redhat 7.1 with 
kernel 2.4.9-31 running Samba 2.2.4. My smb.conf files are pretty standard. 
I haven't investigated this fully yet but intend to as I'm about to roll out 
a Samba domain.

>We have a Windows 2000 Network with a few FreeBSD boxes running Samba.
>We have a share on one box specifically that we map to everyone's
>workstations. Ever since this day the file drop down box in applications
>such as word or excel goes incredibly slow. If we remove the drive
>mapping, the speed returns to normal. I've searched and browsed
>newsgroups and mailing lists and haven't found a clear cut answer, but
>if I missed it I apologize. I do have the tcp_nodelay option uncommented
>in the config file. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate some help.

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