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From: "John T. Guthrie" <guthrie at counterexample.org>
Subject: Comment on a web page
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 19:20:06 -0400
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To Whom It May Concern,

I was just looking at your Samba Printing Support Page:


and on there it mentions that you need to make a directory to place all of your
drivers.  Then it goes on to say that you need to create the following
directory tree under that:

        |-W32X86           ; "Windows NT x86"
        |-WIN40            ; "Windows 95/98"
        |-W32ALPHA         ; "Windows NT Alpha_AXP"
        |-W32MIPS          ; "Windows NT R4000"
        |-W32PPC           ; "Windows NT PowerPC"

Of course, you would customize this to whatever architectures you were tyring
to support.  I was recently trying to install the driver for an Epson
Stylus C80 printer, and it tried to put a file in a directory named "COLOR"
that wasn't mentioned in the above list.  Once I created that directory with
the appropriate permissions, everything seemed to install just fine.  I just
thought that you might like to note on your webpage that some printer
vendors may try to install to other directories than those listed, and that
you may actually need to create those directories.

I hope that this helps.


John Guthrie
guthrie at counterexample.org

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