[Samba] strange behavior on file copy from Novel

Ben Calvert ben.calvert at ams.com
Tue Oct 15 23:24:01 GMT 2002

I guess I could describe what the behavior is, not just when it happens :)

when copying a file, a 0-length file is created on the share.  A window
then pops up asking if i want to overwrite the already existing file of the
same name.  When i click "ok", i'm told that i cannot copy because the
source file is in use.

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I am experienceing very strange behavior when copying files from Novel
shares to samba shares.  This behavior is evident when using windows
explorer to copy files from a Novel network share to my samba shares, not
a. copying a file from my local partitions to the samba share
b. copying a file from a remote windows share.

Is anyone aware of strange Novel settings that would prevent copying files
to another share?  I can copy the files from Novel to my local partitions
with no difficulties, but these files cannot then be coppied to the samba



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