[Samba] 2.2.6rc2 and authentication issues...

Glenn Sieb ges at lumeta.com
Tue Oct 15 18:38:01 GMT 2002

We just popped 2.2.6rc2 on to see if we could resolve a few printing 
issues, and now I can't seem to do the printer sharing on any printers on 
the server...

In [global]:
         workgroup = CORP
         netbios name = NEWLUCY
         security = DOMAIN
         encrypt passwords = Yes
         update encrypted = Yes
         password server = LUNA
         pam password change = Yes
         unix password sync = Yes
         log level = 10
         name resolve order = wins lmhosts host bcast
         os level = 0
         preferred master = No
         local master = No
         domain master = No
         wins proxy = Yes
         wins server =
         winbind uid = 10000-20000
         winbind gid = 20001-30000
         template homedir = /home/%U
         template shell = /usr/local/bin/bash
         winbind separator = +
         guest account = smbguest
         printer admin = "CORP+Domain Admins"
         hosts allow = 65.198.68. 127. localhost
         printing = lprng

the printer general settings:
         comment = bw2.corp.lumeta.com
         path = /tmp
         printer admin = @ntadmin, root, ges, @lumeta, "CORP+Domain Admins"
         guest ok = Yes
         printable = Yes
         print command = lpr -r -P%p -J '%J' %s
         printer name = bw2

I'm a member of CORP\Domain Admins, and also "ges". I've gone through 
smbpasswd and reset my account just to be safe to the same password as the 
domain one. I get "Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not 
be permitted."--I've stopped/removed all lock files/restarted Samba.... 
still get the same thing...

Any help is appreciated... :-/


Glenn E. Sieb
System Administrator
Lumeta Corporation
+1 732 357-3514 (V)
+1 732 564-0731 (Fax)

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