[Samba] Windows Session timeouts -- when Samba is slow

David Collier-Brown -- MTEC David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 15 16:32:39 GMT 2002

  While discussing unexpected timeouts on a slow
(auto-restored from tape) filesystem, or on a slow network,
a colleague referred me to the attached snippit of an
MS manual:

  Has anyone tried this, and if so, was it usefull?


Error 3013, "The redirector has timed out to SERVERNAME" 
usually means that the Server that you are attempting to 
connect to is:

  Either busy and cannot respond before the rdr timeout

  The network could be busy

  Bottleneck in the network

As to troubleshooting this problem, you may want to exhaust 
all means before deciding to increase the amount of time 
before the redirector stops (SESSTIMEOUT). The SESSTIMEOUT 
parm can be set in the following registry location:


Some things you can try are to obtain a trace of the packets 
on the network. You want to zoom in on the amount of time it 
takes for the Server to  respond back to the workstation.

Another idea is to perform what ever operations that was done 
backwards. If you were connecting to ServerA from ServerB, try
connecting to ServerB  from ServerA. Also have another client 
attempt to connect to the same  server to see if both redirectors
have the same problem connecting to the same server. 

You may also want to check the following items:
Check to see that the latest network driver is installed.

Check to determine whether the network adapter has a configuration
utility that allows tuning parameters. If so, try maximizing the 
network performance.

Valid values for the SessTimeout registry key are:

    SessTimeout   REG_DWORD
    Range: 10 - 65535 seconds
    Default: 45

Additional query words: event id
Keywords          : kbnetwork ntnetserv
Version           : :; winnt:3.5,3.51,4.0
Platform          : winnt
Issue type        : kbinfo

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