[Samba] win2000 and samba

hongwei at morpheus.wustl.edu hongwei at morpheus.wustl.edu
Tue Oct 15 15:18:00 GMT 2002


We have a samba server 2.2.4 in a RH 6.2 Linux system.  I should say that 
the samba server is working well except for a win2000 workstation.  For
this win2000, the user can mount network drive to the samba server, e.g.
H: to \\sambaserver\username, it asks the password, if entered correctly. 
it is connected.  No problem at all.  However, if the user reboots the
win2000, the poblem comes.  The drive name H: is there, but he cannot
connect to the samba server.  It keeps asking the password, saying
password incorrect.  If the user dismount the drive H:, then mount the
drive H: to \\sambaserver\username again, then everything is fine -- he
enters the correct password and get connected.  Every time when he
reboots the win2000, he has the same problem.

At the same time, our other windows (95/98/me/nt/xp) don't have such
problem.  Unfortunately, we have only one win2000, so cannot test other
machine.  We already set EnablePlainTextPassword = 1, and use
security=user at the samba server.

Is it because win2000 has something particular?  How to fix it?  



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