[Samba] (no subject)

Robert M Shepard bob at rmshep.mt.net
Tue Oct 15 03:50:01 GMT 2002

> > putting file /usr/share/cups/drivers/ADOBEPSU.HLP as \W32X86/ADOBEPSU.HLP (9008.8 kb/s) (average 10490.5 kb/s)
> Up to this point everything is alright. Now we differ: the next line
> "Running command..." I can't see within your log.
>     Running command: rpcclient localhost -N -U'root%root' -c 'adddriver "Windows 4.0" \
>  From there, our logs look the same. However you get the NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
> result

Thanks for your help.  I agree this is missing, and is present on the 
machine that is working.

>     cmd = adddriver "Windows 4.0" "mopi:ADOBEPS4.DRV:mopi.PPD:NULL:ADOBEPS4.HLP:PSMON.DLL:\
>     Printer Driver mopi successfully installed.
> > cmd = adddriver "Windows NT x86" "hislsr1:ADOBEPS5.DLL:hislsr1.PPD:ADOBEPSU.DLL:ADOBEPSU.HLP:NULL:RAW:NULL"
> I suspect that you haven't the right version of "cupsaddsm" running....
> Could you check if this was also upgraded when you moved to CUPS 1.1.16?
> How did you do the upgrade? Did you compile yourself? Or was it a
> precompiled binary from some source?

I couldn't find precompiled binaries, or even a tar file, so I ran cvs to 
get the source.  I considered the possibility that I am calling the wrong 
version of cupsaddsmb.  I will double check that I have teh correct 

thanks again. 

bob shepard

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