[Samba] trailing $

David Krovich dkrovich at csee.wvu.edu
Tue Oct 15 00:47:00 GMT 2002

	Here is the situation.  I have NT 4.0 acting as a PDC on machine A.  On
machine B, I have Sun PC Netlink running on a solaris machine.  In the
PDC all home dirs are mapped to \\pcnetlinkserver\username$

	I'm trying to replace PC Netlink with Samba on Machine B.  The problem
is I can't figure out how to make samba do the right thing when
presented with username$.  Mounting a username without the trailing $
works, but I would like Samba to share the user's homedir when it
receives a request for either \\pcnetlinkserver\username or

	Any help would be appreciated.  I tried searching, but it's tough for
me to figure out how to correctly phrase my question to a search

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