[Samba] Problems with Windows XP clients

Luis Fernando C. Talora talora-listas at talora.com.br
Mon Oct 14 23:44:01 GMT 2002


Someone has probably asked about it before, but I've just joinned this list. I'm having some trouble with 
Windows XP clients. Here's what's happening: some clients join the Samba Domain normally but, after the 
required boot (always required - it's a Windows machine), the machine refuses to logon to the domains accusing 
that the PDC could not be found; another Windows XP client simply refuses to join the domain and returns an 
error message (I'm sorry I've forgotten to take note of the message). Windows 98 clients work just fine.

This network has a DHCP and a DNS (which also forwards DNS querys to DNS Servers on the DMZ) servers 
running on the same machine than Samba. The Samba service is also configured (at least, I hope so) to act like a 
Domain Controller (as told above) and WINS server.

Any suggestions, please?

Thank you so much.

Luís Fernando C. Talora

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