[Samba] question

Jay Ts jay at jayts.cx
Mon Oct 14 23:40:02 GMT 2002

Gina Scott wrote:
> I have samba installed on my HP Unix box.  One problem I am having is
> that on most windows xp and 2000 machines finding my samba server is not
> a problem.  On some xp machines tho, it can't find my samba server at
> all.  Does anyone have any ideas on where I can look on the machine to
> figure out why it won't see my samba server?

By "can't find", do you mean the Samba server doesn't appear in
My Network Places (the browse list)? And if so, did you wait a good,
long time for the browse list to update?

Otherwise, I'd check the TCP/IP configuration on the XP systems
carefully, and test name service.

If the problem is a dialog that comes up during log on, then the
XP systems might need the RequiresSignOrSeal registry patch.

Jay Ts

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