[Samba] Possible bug found in Samba3.0 alpha-20 testing (Winbind related)

Lee, Mike MLee at mtech.edu
Mon Oct 14 21:33:00 GMT 2002

Hello everyone,
            I think I have discovered a bug in the alpha20 release of samba
3.0.   Here is what I did/discovered:
--  Created a new user account on a Windows NT 4.0 PDC
--  Created a user account on a linux machine with the same username
--  ran "getent passwd" and compared the uids for the domain and local
            I found that the domain users always have a UID of +1 to the
local user account.  For example billybob user has a UID on the local
machine of 10032 and the domain user has a UID of 10033.  I have created
numerous accounts and the problem is always the same.  
            I checked the log.winbindd log and it is always complaining
about not being able to map the uid to the domain sid.  It also reports the
"Access Denied" error when trying to access or set the ACL permissions via
the user account with the +1 UID.
            Can anyone else verify this?  If this infact a bug, please let
me know, so that I am on the right track.  Thanks in advance.
Mike Lee
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