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Gareth Davies gdavies at willowbrook.co.uk
Mon Oct 14 10:21:02 GMT 2002

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>From: Altino Sampaio
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>Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 11:08 AM
>Subject: [Samba] Important
>I'm trying to mount windows network files on linux using the following
>mount -t smbfs //<pc>/<share_directory> /dir
>Everyone can access to <share_directory>
>i've tryed put the IP instead of pc name, but nothing...
>I'm accessing linux system by telnet; entering as normal user and then
typing "su"...
>best regards
>Altino Sampaio

Sorry, why is this important exactly?

And is the problem?

What do the logs say?

What version/OS are you using..etc etc..

Learn how to ask effective questions...

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