[Samba] webmin/usermin and winbind authentication

Seppo Mattila sma at virke.fi
Mon Oct 14 07:03:00 GMT 2002

Hi all!

I wonder is it possible to authenticate webmin/usermin users via winbind? I
tried to convert users from Unix to webmin users but it failed: user did not
show up. Well, more likely I have a need for usermin authentication but I
suppose that they function like same..

I have no local users (expect one) and all user information comes from NT
PDC. All other auths like pop or login works really well via winbind but
there seems not to be a way to do the same for webmin auth. I tried 'almost'
everything I can imagine in /etc/pam.d/webmin but nothing works. Oh, webmin
allows authentication with PAM.

So I'm ready to buy some virtual beer to those who help me to crack this
hard nut.

Seppo Mattila

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