[Samba] Migrating PDC from NT to Samba

Fabio Corazza fabio at rtfm.it
Sun Oct 13 15:50:01 GMT 2002

On a small Intranet (9 fixed client + some notebooks) we have decided to
switch the PDC over a more reliable Linux server, actually running Samba
2.2.5 + OpenLDAP 2.0.25.

To restructure the scenario, I've found very useful IDEALX's tools and
pwdump. All the users and machines accounts were succesfully migrated into
LDAP without any particular problem, and this was so far easy to do.
Roaming profiles were disabled, due to large size of Win2k's one.

But I still have some questions:

1. How can I preserve local clients profiles without recreating them?
   Microsoft Technet points at users/machines SID, is there a solution for

2. How can I enable users to share their directories from Windows 2000?
   Before was possible, now the sharing tab magically disappeared from the
folders' properties.

Thanks in advance.

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