[Samba] Files are showing up as hidden when view from windows ...

Malte Starostik malte at starostik.de
Sat Oct 12 18:17:01 GMT 2002

On Saturday 12 October 2002 20:04, GSchoep at storm.l-3com.com wrote:
> >It's because of the map hidden config option. You can add map hidden = no
> as
> >below. The downside is that you then cannot make any file in the homedir
> >share hidden except by making it a dotfile :-(
> Ah thanks, I've set it now. Everyone here is most a UNIX user so they
> assume thats the way to make them hidden.

> Question, what was making them show up as hidden? The fact that they were
> executable? Since some files did not show up hidden, just the executable
> ones.
There are three options for X-bits:
"map archive" maps the owner x-bit to the DOS "archive" attribute
"map hidden" maps the world x-bit to the DOS "hidden" attribute
"map system" maps the group x-bit to the DOS "system" attribute

All but the first of these defaults to off. Now this makes me wonder why map 
hidden seems to have been in effect for you. Was it set to yes/true in the 
global section?

$t='char|short|int|long|void';%m=qw(U "unsigned\040$3" W "w$3_t");while(<>)
{/#define UNICODE/and$m{T}=$m{W};s/\b(LP)?([UWT])?($t)\b/lc(eval$m{$2}||$3)
.($1?'*':'')/gei;print;}print"/* Cleaned by Malte's WinAPI sanitizer */\n";

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