[Samba] Quota problem (soft=hardlimit?)

Peter Griessl griessl at ihs.ac.at
Sat Oct 12 10:47:00 GMT 2002

> > When logging out from Windows 2000 and writing the user profiles back to the
> > server the user gets a "disk full" warning - below soft and hardlimit.
> > 
> > Tests showed that the warning comes up when
> > 
> >         Userfiles + (2 * Profiles) > soft limit.
> > 
> > In all our tests, the grace period and the hardlimit were never reached and
> > are not the limiting factors.
> > 
> > I read about Windows 2000 duplicating the profiles before writing back
> > to the server, therefore (2 * Profiles). Ok, we can live with that.
> > But treating the soft limit like hard limit is not fair, I think.
> > 

> Samba does not enforce quotas, only reports back what the OS tell us. 
> Try and do a similar operation on the server only, and see what
> happens.  It might be that the 'space free' that Samba reports is
> causing problems, as that is set to the soft quota.
> Andrew Bartlett

Thanks for your message,
meanwhile I did some testing:

- copying files on the server only (as you suggested) works fine: softlimit, 
  grace period, hard limit work as expected
- copying files via the Windows 2000 Explorer on network disks works also:
  softlimit, grace period, hard limit work as expected
- the problem shows up *only* during logout when the user's profiles are
  written back to the server


Peter Griessl (griessl at ihs.ac.at)

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