[Samba] Help - Moutning XP Drives on Linux box using.

Chris Berry compjma at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 12 00:55:01 GMT 2002

>From: Malcolm Jack <Malcolm.Jack at brandes.com>
>Hi Chris, Thanks for the response.
>Can you point me in the direction of where to make such a change?  >Also, I 
>thought that windows 2000 used NTLMv2, and the w2K box seems >to work ok. 
>any ideas?

On win2k its not the default.

If you use AD then its in your domain group policy, otherwise goto 
start:programs:admin tools:local security policy:local policies:security 
options:Lan Manager Authentication level

I recommend setting to "Send NTLMv2 response only, refuse LM" which is one 
setting below the highest and will allow NTLM authentication.

Also if you haven't looked at this before you should google for the registry 
tweak to make sure LM hashes aren't stored for backwards compatibility.  LC4 
can break a weak password LM hash in under a second.

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