[Samba] SAMBA with mounted ISO images

Jon Monroe jmonroe at imagebuilder.com
Fri Oct 11 21:48:01 GMT 2002

Hey all,

I'm using Samba to share *mounted* ISO images w/ windows workstations. In 
other words, I create a share w/ default write access. Then, I create a 
several folders. Some are for files, while others are read-only and used 
for mount points for iso9660 ISO image files (so the user sees the contents 
of the iso files, not the file itself).

I can mount and share the ISO file contents fine. But I can't umount the 
image (to say, switch to a newer version of the same named ISO file). Even 
though nobody is using the server (windows stations switched OFF), Samba 
seems to maintain a lock on the shared ISO mount point (the folder) and 
won't let the resource be released

If I do a force umount (-f) it doesn't help
If I do a lazy umount (-l), it does work, but it doesn't release the loop 
If I do a losetup -d /dev/<loop_device> it can't release it.

But, if I shutdown Samba, it unmounts/releases fine.

So, is there something I can configure or compile into Samba that will 
cause it to not-lock/cache mounted folders so that one can umount the ISO? 
I tried disabling all the known cache settings in the smb.conf -- didn't help.

Thanks a bunch!

Jon Monroe
Systems Administrator
ImageBuilder Software
(503) 684-5151
(503) 639-6334 FAX

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