[Samba] Memory Leak in 2.2.6rc2??

jra at dp.samba.org jra at dp.samba.org
Fri Oct 11 20:54:01 GMT 2002

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 12:53:52PM -0700, gsmith at ahbl.ca wrote:
> It's winbindd.
> We had been running ok then noticed that winbindd wasn't running. We started
> it up then sometime later noticed the server slowing down.
> Meminfo showed free had dropped from 80+MB to 4.  Restaring Samba didn't
> change things much (Free went to 7MB), restarting winbindd put it back up to
> 80MB.
> Has anything changed in winbindd between pre2 and rc2?  We were running with
> pre2 for a couple of days without problems.

Hmmmm. Can you do a ps on the winbindd and let me know what the SIZE and RSS
figures are ? Also, can you let me know more about your domain environment
(how many trusted domains etc.).


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