[Samba] Memory Leak in 2.2.6rc2??

gsmith at ahbl.ca gsmith at ahbl.ca
Fri Oct 11 20:10:00 GMT 2002

It's winbindd.

We had been running ok then noticed that winbindd wasn't running. We started
it up then sometime later noticed the server slowing down.

Meminfo showed free had dropped from 80+MB to 4.  Restaring Samba didn't
change things much (Free went to 7MB), restarting winbindd put it back up to

Has anything changed in winbindd between pre2 and rc2?  We were running with
pre2 for a couple of days without problems.


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On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 10:45:42AM -0700, gsmith at ahbl.ca wrote:
> So far so good.  Uptime shows load levels at 0.00, smbd doesn't appear in
> top.
> Anything else you recommend I check?

I'd recommend something that periodicly (every 30 seconds or so) looks
at the output from /proc/meminfo and alerts you if the free area drops
low. Also looking at the current RSS size from of all smbd's using
ps is a good idea.


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