[Samba] Help - Moutning XP Drives on Linux box using.

Malcolm Jack Malcolm.Jack at brandes.com
Fri Oct 11 17:50:28 GMT 2002

Hey all.


I've got four computers in a small network (Actually more, but keeping it
simple to get to the point)


1>     Linux Server (RH7.3) Running Samba (Default version with RH7.3) 

2>     Windows 2000 Workstation

3>     Windows XP Pro.

4>     Windows 98SE


All of the windows boxes can connect, without problems, to the SAMBA server,
and all the shares.  No problems whatsoever. All boxes (with the exception
of the 98 Box) have user accounts that match in user name and password,
making everything work pretty smoothly.  The 2000 and the XP box also have
shares on them.  All of the windows boxes can see each other, connect to the
shares, no problem.  


Here is where it gets interesting;


The Linux box can mount a share on the Windows 2000 box without problem. (
i.e. I can mount the \\ <file:///\\%3cw2Kbox%3e\c$> <w2Kbox>\c$ to \mnt\net1
on the Linux box)  However, I can't mount to the XP box in the same manner.
It seems like M$ has built in some kind of noncompatability for Samba
(Wouldn't surprise me there), or at least noncompatability with SMBMount (or
'mount -t smbfs' )


Here is a screenshot of what I am getting;



[root at hoc etc]# mount -t smbfs -o username=malc,password=*******


5356: tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)

SMB connection failed

[root at hoc etc]#



Note: The XP box does have an account malc that is an administrator, and I
can connect using the same account and password to the c$ share from the
windows 2000 box.


Any help would be appreciated!


Malcolm Jack


Systems Infrastructure / Telecom

"Let's Roll. . ."


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