Fwd: [Samba] XP-Problem - suddenly XP canot connect to samba

Dr. Bernd Zimmermann bernd at schaumburger-tracht.de
Fri Oct 11 17:12:01 GMT 2002


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>Subject: Fwd: [Samba] XP-Problem - suddenly XP canot connect to samba
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>He could have changed the firewall setting in XP.
No thats not the problem. I checked it, and the security settings are 
not activated.
All ports and all protocols are open. All other NT and Win98 Bixes can 

As I written below, I started a tcpdump on the linux box an I saw that when
bowsing the network on the XP box, I can see packets going from the
XP box to (srvloc.mcast.net), but no packets to the
usual port 137-139.
In the XP network neighborhood I also can see other Workgroups and
other Windows-PC but not the samba server.

I also remeber a case, where somebody told me, that he was playing with
a new XP installation - at the beginning everything worked fine an he also
could connect to his samba server, but then he klicked the option to
install the xp home network in the network assistant. From that point on
he also had the problem that the samba server disappeared and he wasnt
able to get it back to work. So he decided to swaitch back to Win98 ...

Isnt there anybody out there having the same problems ?
If its so easy to destroy the working samba connection with XP pressing
the worng button, the must be hundreds of people havin the sam problem.

As I told below, I alreday tried all registry hacks, disabling 
certificates, signing
and so on, but nothing worked.

Please help.


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>>Tema: [Samba] XP-Problem - suddenly XP canot connect
>>to samba
>>Dato: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 14:48:11 +0200
>>we had an XP computer running and connection to our
>>Samba -Server (Debian Version, 2.2.3 ) was working
>>very fine.
>>Suddenly - the person who is working on that
>>changed something, but could not remember what -
>>the XP computer cannot see the samba server anymore.
>>In the windows network there is no samba server
>>Also "searching for the computer" does not work
>>via netbios name and ip adress
>>The samba computer is still invisible
>>Tcpdumping on the samba computer shows no port
>>connections. Only connection from the xp computer to
>>(srvloc.mcast.net) we can see.
>>What happend to the XP computer ?
>>We tried everything. Checking TCP/IP , Registry,
>>nearly everything,
>>but no way.
>>What could happend to the XP computer ??
>>We also deinstalled XP SRV Pack 1 ...
>>Please Help.
>>Thanks a lot.
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