[Samba] Looking for some older printer drivers for some HP printers

Glenn Sieb ges at lumeta.com
Fri Oct 11 15:31:02 GMT 2002

I am finding myself in need of some printer drivers for two HP printers 
(HP4550N, HP8150DN) that do NOT have the nifty pretty interface? The ones 
where it was pretty barebones, no "form storage" or anything.

I'm running 2.2.6rc2 and users still can't seem to change any settings for 
printers, and if I can run the older (< 5e versions) drivers, then people 
can change settings for paper trays and paper types, etc. If anyone can 
point me in a good direction (HP's site is being less-than-useful here..) 
I'd be greatly appreciative!


Glenn E. Sieb
System Administrator
Lumeta Corporation
+1 732 357-3514 (V)
+1 732 564-0731 (Fax)

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