[Samba] simple setup for 2 pcs

linux power linuxpower2002 at yahoo.no
Fri Oct 11 07:15:01 GMT 2002

Hi Rob.
Can u ping the windoze?
What did u get when typing smbclient -Llocalhost
and smbclient -L(windoze).If u see the shares what did
u see on the windoze when u go to dos prompt and type
net use \\(lindoze). 

--- Rob Benton <rob.benton at conwaycorp.net> skrev: >
I'm having lots of trouble getting connected to
> samba on my little 2 
> computer network at home.  One is a RedHat machine
> and the other is 
> Windows 2000.  Trying to access my just the IP of
> the RedHat machine 
> from my Windows machines gives me the "Cannot find
> the file or item 
> '\\'" error.
> I've got 2 NICs in my RedHat machine so I did use
> the "interface = " tag 
> in my smb.conf file.  I think it's workgroup related
> but I'm not sure. 
>  Anyone have any prior experience with this?
> Thanks,
> Rob
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