[Samba] GetPrinter Level 2 does not get devmode

Rohit.Wadhwa at tabs.toshiba.com Rohit.Wadhwa at tabs.toshiba.com
Thu Oct 10 20:58:01 GMT 2002


Do you have  the following defined in smb.conf ?

1. "write list = "  under [print$]
2, "admin users" and "printer admin" under global settings.

I think the advanced tab (or any other tab) will not be grayed out if these
are defined.

Hope this helps.


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> 9. On General tab, choose Printing Preferences - Basics and switch page
> layouts between portrait and landscape clicking OK in between to update
> driver.  - I assume at this point the driver Devmode is being set,

>Ahh... The general tab is for the per user device mode.  You must do this
>from the advanced tab to set it on the server.

Hmm.  All controls on the Advanced tab are greyed out, even for the
administrator connecting as root.  Is this related to being unable to
drivers from the ssrver using Server Properties?  This was mentioned as one
of the 2.2.6rc2 fixes.


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