cups raw mode, was Re: [Samba] unlink data file in cups_job_submit

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Oct 10 20:52:02 GMT 2002

On 21 Sep 2002, Paul Janzen wrote:

> If I am using native printer drivers on Windows clients, I would like
> the "raw" option to get propagated to CUPS.  Otherwise cups does not
> pass the data on to the printer.  (If I enable cups's application/
> octet-stream raw-data passthrough feature, both cupsomatic and the
> Windows driver add PJL headers and footers, which is not what I want
> either.) 
> The result is that to support both unix printing and native-driver
> Windows printing from CUPS, you have to have two logical printers per
> physical printer: one ("cooked") for Unix clients and one ("raw") for
> Samba to use.

OK.  I like the patch but am hesitant to add more parameters.
Too late to add this for 2.2.6.  I 'll look at merging it for 3.0.

cheers, jerry

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