[Samba] Win95 Issue

Dege, Robert C. (AMHERST) rcd at amherst.com
Thu Oct 10 20:26:01 GMT 2002

For some reason I'm getting Access denied errors when I try to execute a
.bat file that resides on a samba share (from a Win95 command prompt).  The
drive is mapped as x:\ & for the sake of testing, the directory has been
recursively set to 777 (chmod).

Command prompt output:

x:\> x:\r235\src\ntprpst\sharc\mta\src\build_sharc_fta.bat
Access denied - x:\r235\src\ntprpst\sharc\mta\src\build~XM.bat
X:\> x:\r235\src\ntprpst\sharc\mta\src\no_such_file.bat
No file of directory - x:\r235\src\ntprpst\sharc\mta\src\no_such_file.bat

Normally, I would assume this is some 8.3 filename quirk, but what's odd is
where that ~xm.bat comes from.  Why no ~1.bat, like standard Win9x format?

I was able to move the r235 directory over to the localhard drive with no
problem.  And the Access denied went away when I re-executed the batch file.

Any suggestions?


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