[Samba] Multiple Domains?

Steve Morley steve at morleys.org
Thu Oct 10 19:01:00 GMT 2002


> To accomplish that task you will have to run multiple Samba instances
> (one per Domain/group).       Network aliases are your friends. You can create
> aliases on each NIC and bind Samba instances to separate aliases on the
> same network.

This was one of the things I tried previously, but got errors like:

>[2002/08/27 18:37:20, 0] lib/pidfile.c:pidfile_create(86)
>  ERROR: nmbd is already running. File /usr/local/samba/var/locks/nmbd.pid exist
>s and process id 39187 is running.
>[2002/08/27 18:41:14, 0] nmbd/nmbd.c:sig_term(65)
>  Got SIGTERM: going down...

I shouldn't need to use Network aliases I believe, unless I'm missing
something, please let me know if they're needed though.

I can't seem to get into samba.org right now, is there a flag to tell nmbd
to place it's .pid file in another location?


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