[Samba] strange behavior maybe dependent on valid users

Willi Mann newsletters at wm1.at
Thu Oct 10 15:02:02 GMT 2002

Thank you, but could you document that like:

Note: If you use "valid users" in the global section, include the guest 
account because that's is needed, e.g., to accept LMB queries. 

in the smb.conf man page?


Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>Willi Mann wrote:
>>My problem:
>>I have a network with many workgroups and my samba server 3.0alpha21cvs
>>is the only member of one of that workgroups.
>>If I went to the network neighborhood and tried to open the workgroup of
>>my samba server I got an error message saying that the workgroup
>>"mygroup" was not available.
>>So I minimized the settings in the global section of my smb.conf and I
>>was able to open "mygroup".
>>I reactivated the most important options like "interfaces" and "hosts
>>allow", which didn't seem to be the problem.
>>But when I reactivated "valid users" containing 4 users, I was not able
>>to browse "mygroup" any more.
>>So, is it possible, that the ability to open a workgroup with only one
>>samba server depends on the value of "valid users"?
>>Do you have any other ideas, how to solve that problem?
>A *global* 'valid users' will need to include the guest account, as this
>is how some of these operations are conducted.
>Andrew Bartlett

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