[Samba] Samba 2.2.6 rc2 released

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Oct 10 04:42:36 GMT 2002


We have just posted Samba 2.2.6rc2 (don't ask me about rc1...
I'm still a little bitter about).  It all goes well, 2.2.6
is just around the corner....

Source tarballs at


and RedHat RPMS for testing at


Mirrors will be updated shortly.

				-- Enjoy,
				   The SAMBA Team

            WHAT'S NEW IN Samba 2.2.6rc2  - 9th October 2002

This is a prelease snapshot of SAMBA_2_2 cvs branch.  This is a 
non-production release provided for testing purposes only.

The following new new smb.conf(5) options have been added in this preview

  * profile acls (S)

The following options have been added to Samba's configure script

  --with-sendfile            Enable experimental sendfile support
  --with-winbind-ldap-hack   Enable winbindd_ldap_hack() functionality
                             for Windows 2000 native mode domains

Changes since 2.2.6rc1
1)  Default all LDAP connections to v3 with compiling with --with-ldapsam

Changes since 2.2.6pre2
1)  Merge in free list unlock on error fix
2)  Correctly fail opens with mismatching SYSTEM or HIDDEN attributes
    if we are mapping system or hidden
3)  Fix bug with stat mode open being done on read-only open with truncate
4)  Fix crash bug discovered where cli struct was being deallocated in a
    called function
5)  Ensure we open UNIX fifo's non-blocking
6)  Fix DeletePrinterDriver() (hopefully for the last time...yeah 
7)  only lowercase global_myname in the %L substitution, not the whole 
8)  Merged Steve French's fix for OS/2 EA return error being removed
9)  Patch from Steve French to fix difference in responses to smbclient
    //server/share ls / on Samba and Windows 2000
10) Print error and exit if smb.conf doesn't have security=domain and
    encrypt passwords=yes when joining domain
11) Added final Steve French patch for "required" attributes with old dir
12) Initialize user_rid value in WINBIND_USERINFO structure returned by
    the rpc version of query_user()
13) Ensure we've failed a lock with a lock denied message before 
    automatically pushing it onto the blocking queue
14) Add experimental --with-sendfile code
15) alignment fix in printing code merged from HEAD
16) Merge fix for other sids in token from HEAD
17) Merge winbindd with current (more advanced) state of play in 
18) fix smbclient / Win98 off by one bug
19) Never, *ever* hold a mutex lock in the message database where there 
    may be traversals being attempted
20) Add LDAP hack for retrieving the SAM sequence number when a member of 
    a Windows 2000 native mode domain
21) Fix race condition when changing a machine account password as we were
    no longer locking the secrets entry
22) Allow '@' as a valid character in domain names
23) remove jobs from the spool directory when using cups
24) removed -lresolv for --enable-ldapsam
25) Memory leak fix and correct use of negative caching in winbindd
26) Updated spoolss parsing code with known good state of APPLIANCE_HEAD
27) Delete printer security check was reversed
28) Windows allows delete printer on a handle opened by an admin user, 
    then used on a pipe handle created by an anonymous user...We do to now...
29) Make explicit the difference between a tdb key with no data attached, 
    and a non existent entry
30) Ensure we register the 1c name on the unicast subnet.
31) Fix inheritance problem when recursively setting ACLs on directories
32) prevent ACL set on read-only share
33) Ensure we never have more than MAX_PRINT_JOBS in a queue
34) Added timeout to tdb_lock_bystring()
35) Ensure we set FIRST+LAST flags on a bind request
36) Add version strings to the usage message for smbcacls and smbpasswd
37) Fix bug in the write cache code
38) make the default printed values for boolean the same for all 

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