[Samba] Samba+MYOB

Ramzi S. Abdallah rsa at acl.edu.au
Thu Oct 10 02:16:00 GMT 2002

Hello all,

We are experiencing problems using MYOB Premier V6.0.2 on Windows 2000
computers SP3, with the data file residing on shared drive on Linux (Redhat
7.2) file server running Samba Version 2.2.1a and kernel 2.4.9-34.

The MYOB Tech support have told me that it is a problem with our network but
could not give me any hints where the problem might be.

The MYOB database has been corrupted at least 8 times over the last 4 days
and every time we have to go back to our backups thereby losing all of the
transactions entered in the interim.

Has anyone had any experience with a similar problem and could give me any

Following is the smb.conf configuration related to the MYOB share

        comment = MYOB Directory
        path = /data/MYOB
        read only = No
        admin users = @myob

Any Help would be highly appreciated.



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