[Samba] Filesystem for Samba server

Omar Castaneda Acosta omar at idea.com.mx
Thu Oct 10 01:40:01 GMT 2002

Do you know how much time does it take to backup 1.3 TB ?

The usage on this disk array would be almost zero, this is supposed to
be a backup server... where all the other servers send their backup.
[It] Will be (conveniently) located on a different building.
On the production servers I'd normally use 4-disk arrays and
weekly-full backup policy. By the way, I got some spare hard drives
like the ones i'm setting up).


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On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 20:52, Omar Castaneda Acosta wrote:
> Actually I tested my RAID card with 2x6, 3x4 and 1x12 configurations,
> the 1x12 was the fastest one (of course this is not an SCSI RAID

remember that raid5 can only tolerate one failure and if you build the
array new then all your disks will have the same usage pattern and be
likely to fail at the same time...

also - don't forget about backing up too
you probably know this but raid doesn't save you from having to do


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