[Samba] Multiple Domains?

Steve Morley steve at morleys.org
Wed Oct 9 20:57:01 GMT 2002

Hi All,

I just joined this list, and I'm looking for some help.

I've been running a Samba server for a few years now, and it's been doing
everything I've asked it too, but I'm hitting a wall trying to implement
something new.  Google searches aren't turning up too much, except to
indicate that other people have done what I want, but I haven't gotten
much responses when I tried to contact them :(  The few vague instructions
I turned up in my searches seem to fail...

I need to make my current Samba server (one FreebSD box) serve up multiple

I added a second NIC for the second network, and all the TCP/IP stuff is
configured and working properly.  Whenever I try to add stuff for a second
domain though, the whole thing (Samba) fails so I've undone everything to
keep the current status.

Here's the scoop on the Network:

Two completely seperate LANs, one on 192.168.1 and the other on 192.168.2
The students are all on .1, and the staff is on .2  The students currently
log into the "STUDENTS" workgroup with no problem.  As the staff has
increased, we now need the staff to log into a workgroup themselves.

I have two choices:

1) re-configure the current server (preferred)
2) build a duplicate LAN out of spare parts and start from scratch

I'm more than happy to do either, I just want to know if someone has indeed
gotten a single Samba box to server up multiple domains at the same time.


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