[Samba] How to forbid user to login?

Vladimir I. Umnov samba at ezmail.ru
Wed Oct 9 20:33:00 GMT 2002

Hello, Skip.

SD> Vladamir,

SD> If you modify the /etc/passwd file and use /dev/null in the shell field for
SD> the users you wish to disable for unix login, they will not be able to login
SD> but will still have access to the permissions for smb access to the
SD> services.
May be it my poor english, but I mean that I don't want to allow login
user into domain and don't want allow him create profile and use
home directory, but I want allow this local autentificates in PDC.
May be I need run for him some script for logout user?
I repeat, this user only needit for determine, that this user in domain
is correct and can access to other read only resources on all network
(ofcourse, if that resources on PC, that joined into domain).

 Vladimir I. Umnov                          mailto:samba at ezmail.ru

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