[Samba] Strange issue with pam_smbpass

Diego Rivera lrivera at racsa.co.cr
Wed Oct 9 16:08:00 GMT 2002

Hello all!!

Something strange is happening recently with pam_smbpass.so.

I get the errors:

passwd: PAM unable to dlopen(pam_smbpass.so)
passwd: PAM [dlerror: pam_smbpass.so: undefined symbol: ldap_value_free]
passwd: PAM adding faulty module: pam_smbpass.so

And the passwd command returns "Module unknown".

The rest of Samba is working fine as a PDC - can log in, out, copy
files, etc.  The SAM is on LDAP, also working fine.

I never noticed that before, so I don't know if it's always been there. 
All I know is that now, all of a sudden, I can't synchronize my
Windows/Linux passwords using the passwd command, as I used to before.

This is a fresh rebuild from a source RPM with a slightly modified spec
file.  The mods to the specfile go only so far as to produce one set of
packages when LDAP support is enabled (which are the ones I'm using),
and one set of packages when LDAP is not enabled.

I did this to correct the dependencies and package clashes, which were
kind of messy.  Now, dependencies are fine (i.e, LDAP-enabled packages
only depend on other LDAP-enabled packages, and likewise for non-LDAP),
but for some reason either pam_smbpass is being linked against the wrong
libraries, or I'm missing something.



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