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Wed Oct 9 14:11:00 GMT 2002

I would appreciate advice on how to configure Samba, so that we can log into the various shared folders each owned by different Linux users from the same Win machine at the same time.  (Does that make sense?)

Currently, once logged into one of the shared folders of the Linux machine, the user name and password combination are kept throughout the session. So when we try to log into another shared Linux folder with a different owner, we are denied access and writing privileges through Windows Explorer even after the new user name and password is input.    Closing and reopening Explorer does not help, either.  We can log in as the second user, only by restarting the Win machine, or by going to the Linux machine and manually terminating the first session using SWAT (This of course stops the samba session of the first user).  

1. Background
- The names of our window machine users and linux machine are different.   
- Various folders of the Linux machine with different owners are set to be shared.
- RedHat 7.2 and Win NT and WIN 98 systems.

2. Some of the major global settings 

Security = Share
Valid users = names of all necessary users
Write list = names of all necessary users
Host allow = address of necessary win machines

4.  Questions
Question 1.
Is it possible with a Security setting of Share to login to various folders, each with different owners, at the same time?  If so, what settings are necessary?

Question 2.
I just do not understand the relationship between Linux file/folder permissions settings and the Samba permission settings (valid users, write list, etc.).   Does the samba permissions take precedent?    What does the write list for each of the shared folders do, and how are these different from the global write list?

Thanks for any input. I am a newbie so I would appreciate stepwise advice.


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