[Samba] (no subject)

mark lists at xinot.net
Wed Oct 9 07:17:01 GMT 2002

On Wednesday 09 October 2002 8:00 am, Philippe Dhont (Sea-ro) wrote:
> Where can i find smbmount ?

well, it's in the source distribution.  So if you built from scratch and used 
the --wtih-smbmount argument to configure it should be in someplace like 
/usr/local/bin/smbmount.  Or maybe /usr/local/sbin/smbount.  

If you used an rpm to install it you might try rpm -i NAMEOFSAMBAPACKAGE -l.  
I think.  can't remember the correct syntax off of the top of my head, but 
man rpm will certainly help.

If you aren't using linux, but another unix-style os I don't believe smbmount 
works.  But freebsd does support mounting samba shares with mount -t smbfs 
//computer/share /mountpoint.

And you can always use find / -name smbmount.

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