[Samba] Re : The chinese problem in sammount !

perre perre at perre.net
Wed Oct 9 03:16:00 GMT 2002

Hi group!

I have been struggling for quite long, and here is the story:

My linux box is RH7.2 w/ samba 2.2.1a, Chinese support installed and works
fine. The client is W2K codepage 437 (English), but since I have installed
Far East support, so that I can process codepage 936 (viewing and inputting

I smbmount W2K drive to Linux box, but the filename in Chinese can never be
displayed correctly, character are replaced by a series of question mark
I have already add "Client code page = 936" in my smb.conf, but that seems
not working, I figure maybe that's because the code page of the W2K machine
is actually 437.

Any idea that can help me to display Chinese filenames correctly on Linux

Thanks in advance!

Perre (http://www.perre.net)

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