[Samba] changing passwords / winbind

Robert Dempsey rdempsey at atlanticdominionsolutions.com
Tue Oct 8 21:47:22 GMT 2002


	Winbind is used so that Linux servers and workstations can use Win2K
(or WinNT I suppose - though I work with 2000) can use a Win2K domain
controller as the authentication server.  This allows seamless
integration of Linux into a Win2K domain.

	As to your problem, I am unaware of the ability to change a password on
a Win2K workstation (Professional I would assume) by pressing
CTRL+ALT+DEL.  Could you please give more information such as 

1.  Are you in a Win2K domain.
2.  Are you using Win2K Pro on your workstation.
3.  What version of Samba/Winbind you are using.
4.  Are you using a Linux workstation.

	Please forward that information and I will try to help you out as best
as I can.

- Robert Dempsey
  Atlantic Dominion Solutions

On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 08:58, Shane Tapper wrote:
> Currently when i try and change passwords by pressing ctrl+alt+delete and
> using the change password funtion from w2k i get a message stating the
> domain cannot be found.  yet i was able to logon to it just fine.  i am
> trying to figure out ways around this.
> It is my understanding that winbind is used to sync samba passwords with an
> nt server, is that correct or
> is winbind used to sync workstation passwords with a samba server?
> Shane
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