[Samba] Win2K Printer Driver Problems - Ah HA!.

SMITH Gregory C. gsmith at ahbl.ca
Tue Oct 8 17:14:20 GMT 2002

OK we do all the steps in my previous missive and everything looks fine,
landscape, collating the whole works.  This is on a Laserjet 4000 with the
latest PCL6 driver.

The firm still has a good number of Laserjet 4s so we dutifully load up the
latest PCL5E driver for the 4 and connect to the 4 on a couple of

Everything goes to hell.

Landscpae, collating and all other problems re-appear.

So! Is it having a combination of PCL5 and 6, Version-3 and Version-2
drivers on the server or what?


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off, no collating.

"SMITH Gregory C." wrote:
> Our environment:
> Samba 2.2.5 on RedHat 7.2  (Tried on two different servers)
> Printing handled by Cups 1.1.14-15

For printing, try jerry's post-2.2.5 printing patch, or Samba
2.2.6pre2.  This is exactly the kind of issue that he and the rest of
the HP folk have been working on.

If not, I'm sure he will be very glad to figure out what's going on :-).

Andrew Bartlett

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