[Samba] Domain Admins

Irving Carrion icarrion at allinterior.com
Tue Oct 8 16:55:02 GMT 2002

Bradley W. Langhorst wrote,

> I can't explain that - maybe somebody else who knows can chime in...
> I don't think it makes sense for a Domain Admin to automatically have
> Local adminstrative rights...


This is what I read from: 
" Mastering Windows NT Server 4 6th Edition" page 375

"By default, the built-in Domain Admins global group is a member of both
the domain's Administrators local group and the Administrators local
groups for every NT workstation in the domain."

So, I wonder if this has been removed in the new version of SAMBA or if
it no longer does this by default?

Anyone know anything about this?

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